Moravia, NY

My family and I bought Scenic Vista Farm in 2006. We love looking out over our pastured turkeys, cows and chickens and knowing so many great customers are enjoying the fruits of our labor across the northeast. Dwight Martin

Scenic Vista Farm, just
from its distributor in Ithaca, NY.
Free-Range Hens
American Humane Certified
Non-GMO Vegetarian Feed
New York Raised

Animal Welfare

Standards and Practices

All Scenic Vista Farm chickens free-range and have year round pasture access. The chickens are only fed Non-GMO, 100% vegetarian feed. Every Scenic Vista Farm egg is American Humane Certified.


A short history of the farm.

Dwight Martin and his family moved to Moravia, NY in 2004. Devout Mennonites, the Martin family is honored to work the land on behalf of their community. There are no short days on the farm, but many beautiful ones.


What does the future hold?

In the coming years, Dwight plans to start supplying Red Gate Grocer with turkey, chicken, and eggs.

Red Gate Grocer does not believe “cage-free” is good enough. Cage-free just means the hens aren’t penned into inhumane and impossibly small spaces for their whole lives. Cage-free hens don’t go outside. Cage-free hens don’t have pasture access. Cage-free hens cannot wander around in the fresh air and sunshine and peck idly at insects when they please. Red Gate Grocer does not sell cage-free eggs. We only sell free-range eggs. And we want our customers to know the difference. Some farmers choose to pursue an additional “pastured” certification that sets a specific amount of square feet per bird. Scenic Vista Farm provides their chickens ample pasture access but chose to prioritize land to grow their own grain for their animals rather than reserving an area that would remain largely unused to meet arbitrary square footage ratios. Scenic Vista Farm is confident in their practices and want their customers to know about these definitions!

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