Sayre, PA

Stay true to the roots of farming. If you’re looking to become a millionaire find something else to do, but if you have a passion for farming and a strong back you’ll find success in more ways than your account balance.Mark Ford

Ford’s Pig Farm, just
from its distributor in Ithaca, NY.

Animal Welfare

Standards and Practices

Mark Ford raises White York and Duroc pigs. The hogs have plenty of access to rut and enjoy the outdoors. They have full shelter in a ventilated barn in large pen areas during the winter and inclement weather. The feed is sourced from other local farms. Mark blends it with the calcium and mineral the hogs need and adds 16% local molasses.


A short history of the farm.

Mark Ford is still living on the family farm he grew up on, and has been farming since he was "old enough to walk". As a child he raised chickens, and in 1974 he started raising hogs with the help of his mom and sisters. Mark raised his two daughters on the farm, and appreciates living in a community where everyone helps each other.

Interview with Mark Ford, Owner of Ford’s Pig Farm.

I’ve been farming since I was old enough to walk. As a kid our family raised chickens on the farm. I started raising hogs in 1974 with the help of my mother and sisters.

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