Bacon has arrived!

Bacon has arrived!
Our very first production run sold out in less than a week, more arriving mid- March 2017.

Bacon, Uncured, No Nitrates or Nitrites 12/16oz.

Contains just Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, Spice Extracts!

First, my hit on bacon—I am not a crazy, bacon-belongs-on-everything kind of guy…but I do love me some pork products. In bacon, I’m typically looking for a thicker cut (unless I’m wrapping scallops or shrimp) with at least a 50/50 split between meet and fat cover, a nice even smoke and a tolerable salt level. I’m a believer that if you really want maple flavor in your bacon, you should probably serve it alongside pancakes. I have been sorely disappointed in many no-nitrate bacons over the years and as such, do not seek them out for my larder. I do, however, look for locally sourced and processed bacon and try not to pitch a fit when I see a Smithfield or Hormel pack in a friend’s fridge.

With that said, this batch of bacon is excellent. ( 5 out of 5)Dana Stafford

  • Smoke/salt ratio was perfect (!) in my humble opinion—didn’t feel as though I needed to slug down my glass of OJ as soon as I swallowed.

  • Nice tight seal on the packaging with a great pink color showing through. Slices were layered properly showcasing the meatiness of the bacon.

  • Very meaty bellies, thick-cut— as Mark raises his animals naturally, the bellies are a bit smaller than factory farmed hogs, so each slice is a little shorter than mainstream, commodity offerings–18 slices in the 1# pack I opened