High quality, beautifully packaged food at a great value.

The brand was created with the goal of providing its customers with a variety of products from diverse categories as well as from multiple farms; with the security of knowing each item is going to be of great quality and have appealing packaging. Having a brand umbrella under which to coordinate the efforts of various farms and suppliers will allow small producers to have access to things like GS1 certified UPC codes, marketing materials, and of course… loyal and knowledgeable customers like you.

  • Our Judgement

    Red Gate Grocer is focused on curating the best mix or unique, high quality products for you. Our goal is only that you will love them as much as we do.

  • Our Suppliers

    Red Gate scours the northeast for the highest quality products we can find. And we skip the intermediaries to bring them to you at the best value.

  • Our People

    If you want to get rich, don’t be a farmer. And if you commit your life to creating a food system that works for everyone, you had better love it!



Fearless Leader

Feed the people…feed them well. And be sure to offer a beverage too. Tireless, full-time, all the time. Quality obsessed, food obsessed, fanatical home chef. If he says you should eat it, he’s right.

The reason Red Gate exists.


Gary Redmond


Founder of Regional Access. Northeast food pioneer. The reason there is a “Red” in Red Gate. This brand was envisioned as a vessel for continuing Gary’s legacy of supporting northeast family farms. Although Gary was unable to see it come to fruition, the entire team at Red Gate is honored to be carrying on.



Farm Finder, Meat Man

Joe’s passion for local food is rooted in his desire for good health. The old saying “You are what you eat” rings true on a personal level. He’s battled Crohn’s Disease since the age of 14. With a lifestyle changing commitment to eating clean, he’s now been disease and medication free for 5 years. Now he’s taken that passion to another level in finding farmers that have clean growing practices so all of you can experience the difference in quality and health.



Data and Support

Words and pictures, the keyboard behind the emails. Passionate about accurate information above all else. Transparency czar and lifelong vegetarian. Full circle from Spencer, NY and back to Ithaca after 28 years spent in California and elsewhere. Occasionally regrets his life choices during the coldest week every February. Never regrets eating well. Music, food, technology and the great outdoors. Not necessarily in that order.


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