Leona, PA

Advice to young farmers? Plan on long days and not making a lot of money! On the positive side having family around and seeing the kids work on the farm and with the cattle is worth it. And remember to ALWAYS be honest with the consumers.Jon Jenkins

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90% of our feed is grown on the farm with the remainder coming from our neighbor up the road. The cattle are born on pasture and remain there with their mother until they reach around 600#’s. They are then moved to the dairy barn for the winter and returned to pasture until they are ready for finishing.


A short history of the farm.

I’ve been a farmer my whole life. I grew up as a dairy farmer and recently made the transition to beef cattle. I grew up on the farm that I currently live on, my father and great grandfather farmed here also. I love having having my kids around my place of work and learning the value of hard work; my grandsons now visit often and love being around the farm.

We have had cattle on the farm my whole life, dairy cattle for many years and now beef cattle, we enjoy working with the cattle.
We started with Angus, Hereford, and Simmental’s and have been breeding the herd to be all Angus.
My role in the community is what many small businesses do for small communities, doing business with many local stores is what rural America is about. Also we take pride in supplying an excellent product to local people. I also support the community with my involvement by volunteering as a director for a North Penn Bulk Milk cooperative, The Troy Fair and Alparon Community Park.
The hardest part of farming has been the extreme swings in market conditions and adjusting to those swings.
I start my day around 5:30 and get done around 5:30 at night with some down time in between during the winter, during the summer some days are much longer depending on weather.
I think the local food movement is a great thing, by linking consumers to a local farm they can be assured that the food they are consuming is coming from someone they can trust.
I realize GMO crops are a big topic right now but I like to think on the positive side, what we have seen by using some GMO’s is that it has allowed us to use less pesticides on crops. This is a very positive for our farm and community. Almost all crop seeds have been genetically modified to some degree from their original state and I’m not sure that has been harmful in any way.

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